Final Graphic Collage

Final Graphic Collage (100pts)
Due Date: Friday, September 16, 5pm 


The purpose of this project is to develop a graphic collage that describes your topic. This collage should be accompanied by a written description of your topic (you can use a revised version of your first blog post) and a description of how your collage illustrates your topic.

Think about your topic and what you want to say about it. Next, think about how you can use photos and effects to illustrate these ideas.

Using the Photoshop tools you learned in the tutorials, create a new image that is at least 580 x 400 pixels. Within this space create your graphic collage. Your final graphic collage should be an update of your draft collage. Based on the feedback you received from your peers and your own critique of your design, how can you more clearly communicate your visual story to your viewers?

Write a 300 to 500 word abstract about your topic and your collage choices and post it in your blog along with your draft collage. Your post should be creative and engaging and supplement your visual design. In your write-up, include a description of your revision process, including why you decided to make design changes. Also, please include some language describing your design choices (e.g., repetition, continuity).

I recommend writing and saving this description in Word then copying and pasting the text into the blog post when you are ready to post.

Any graphics that you did not personally create must be credited and linked as a reference in your post.


Your grade for the final draft collage will be determined using the following criteria:


Creativity in Visual Composition                                           ______ / 30
Clear Visual Depiction of Your Topic                                    ______ / 10
Follows Design Principles                                                       ______ / 5
Demonstrates proficiency of design tools                             ______ / 10
SubTotal                                                                                       ______ / 55


Creativity in writing                                                                      ______ / 20
Relates image to topic                                                                  ______ / 5
Reasoning/Meaning (why you made the design that way)     ______ / 5
Design choices                                                                                ______ / 5
Technical Details                                                                           ______ / 5
Grammar                                                                                         ______ / 5

SubTotal                                                                                       ______ / 45

Total:              ______ / 100

The draft graphic collage should be posted to your blog accompanied with the written description by Friday, September 16 at 5pm.

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