Week 13: Video Title Sequence Tutorial

Now that we’ve learned the basics of editing in Adobe Premiere, you will create an advanced title animation in this week’s tutorial. You may work on this at home on your computer or in the labs. Before you start working, please read all the way through the tutorial and watch the example video.

1. Create a new Adobe Premiere Project. Shoot and import a 30-second video of a single shot with some motion to your background. For example, you might shoot a tree blowing in the wind. You could try to find some footage that relates to your topic and make this tutorial part of your video project.

2. Create a graphic in photoshop with at least 4 different layers of text with title information for your project. You will individually animate each of these layers (see video below). Save the file as a .psd.

3. Import the psd file as individual layers into Premiere.

4. Animate each of the layers separately and make them appear in your title sequence.

5. After you are happy with your title sequence, export the video and upload it to Youtube. Also, export your title PSD file to a JPG and post it in the same blog entry. Post the video tutorial to your blog.

For details on importing the PSD file and animating the layers as a title sequence, see:


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