Unit 4: More Video Notes


Before you begin editing your draft video project, be sure to create a draft script, or storyboard. You should create a word document with two columns. In the left column, you should have information about the video. You can also put in still frames of the actual video shots if you’d like, but I am not requiring it.¬†You should describe the content of the video frame (what is being displayed) and the type of shot (medium shot/close up). On the right hand side of the column, you should put in Audio¬†information. That is, what is the person talking about? I expect the blog post with your draft video project to be accompanied by your draft script. See these three sites for storyboard information: 1 2 3


When shooting video, it is best to edit between steady camera shots, rather than zooming and panning in the shot. Follow the 5-shot rule to create a visually interesting video sequence.

Example Videos

We watched and discussed example digital video narratives in class including Common Ground, Home Movies and Learning to Ride from the Center for Digital Storytelling.

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