Class Survey #3: Audio Unit Feedback

I have posted a third feedback survey. I am interested in your opinions about the Audio Production Unit and the class overall so far. Please spend a couple moments to take the anonymous, short survey.

Academic Media Services

You should be able to check out a DV camera from Academic Media Services, located at 150 Holland Library.

Keep in mind checkouts are due back the next day at 1pm. Checkout is free for class projects.

COM499 Survey #2: Your Feedback

I have posted a second survey. I am interested in your feedback about the Illustration Unit and the class so far. Please spend a couple moments to take the anonymous, short survey.

Class Survey

As you know, we are piloting this course in content creation. Please take a few moments to take this very short 4-question survey:

Week 2 Annoucements

Lab Hours

The Murrow Collage has the following open computer lab hours this semester:

CADD123: 1-5pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
MURE 243: 12-2pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays (our classroom)

 Class Notes

Any slides that are not posted in this blog, will be posted under “Lessons” on the course’s Angel site.

Class Blogs

Links to your class blogs have been posted on the right sidebar.

Welcome to COM499!

The semester is about to begin and we will be working together to create a new course at WSU: Content Creation for Media.

This course will cover basic design concepts that will be applied to graphic, audio, and video projects. Please take a moment to read through the course syllabus. All class notes, assignments, and rubrics will be posted on this website.