Group Feedback Assignments

COM499: Content Creation for Media
Group Feedback (20 pts each)
Due Dates: 9/7, 10/3, 10/24, 11/28 

Overview & Background

You will be working on strengthening each other’s designs throughout the semester in groups of 3 or 4 by providing feedback on each others’ designs. As we discussed, good critiques will describe, analyze, and interpret your group partners’ designs.

After you have received feedback from your group members, you should reconsider your design. Think of ways to improve the visual story you are telling and revise your design.


  1. Log on to your group members’ blogs, linked from
  2. Find their draft collages and consider the visual stories they are telling.
  3. Write 50-200 word critiques of their design. In your critique be sure to describe, analyze and interpret the design elements. Provide constructive feedback about which design choices seem to work, and which could be improved.
  4. Post the critiques as “comments” in their blogs.
  5. Be sure to log in to your administrative panel at . Click on “posts.” Click on the blue “chat box”:
  6. Approve any critique comments you may have held in your queue.


1. Calvin Grover, Kelsie Duncan, Eric Francavilla
2. Josh Moran, Brian Grove, Liz Nugent
3. Nero Threet, Jeff Fairbanks, Kelleen Curtis
4. Sierra Haight, Ryan Myers, Tyler Brazas, Patrick Winter

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