Photoshop Tutorials

COM499: Content Creation for Media
Photoshop Tutorials
Due Date: Sep. 2, 5pm 

Overview & Background

You will be using Adobe Photoshop to create your “Graphic Collage.” These tutorials will help you get familiar with the basic tools in Photoshop. Ultimately, the skills you learn here will help you realize your creative vision for your collage.


You will be following several tutorials. Links to the original asset files can be taken from the tutorial links, or from the link posted in Angel. We will go through the first two tutorials in class together. Once you have completed all the tutorials, please create a blog post with all of your final assets (finished versions of the images). You can export images for the web by going to:

File->Save for Web & Devices. Select “JPEG” as the file type” in the top right, then click save

Please also put all of your final PSD files in a single folder called “Tutorials.” Then, zip that folder:

Right click the folder and select “Sent To”->Compressed (zipped folder). You will now see a file called “”

Please also attach this file to your blog post.


(In class):

  1. Layers:
  2. Text:
  3. Correcting perspective with Crop tool:

(On your own):

  1. Blending Layers:
  2. Adjustment Layers:
  3. Separating Picture from Background:
  4. Separating Picture from Background and add effects:
  5. Facial Retouching:


  1. Image Adjustment:
  2. Colorizing:

Grading Rubric

Tutorials will be graded for completion. Each tutorial is worth 4 points. Bonus tutorials are worth 2 points extra credit each.

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